More than just a roof over your head

Baugesellschaft Hanau GmbH was founded during the dark days of the Second World War in 1942. After the devastating destruction wrought by the war, the main goal was to build new homes for as many people of Hanau as possible.

Apartments for living
The results speak for themselves: After a little more than 75 years, today we rent and manage around 4,100 apartments in the eastern Rhine-Main area, making us one of the region’s biggest residential service providers.

We understand that homes and apartments are not just like any other asset, which is why we make every effort to handle this capital with as much care as possible. After all, the company’s apartments give you a place to live.

Working for you
We are constantly modernising, refurbishing and extending our housing portfolio so that you will want to live in our buildings in future as well.
We invested around EUR 60 million in this by 2010 alone. This responsibility is shouldered by almost 100 full-time and part-time employees.

75 years of Baugesellschaft Hanau GmbH

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We give you room to live in

For most people, having a place of your own means much more than just having a roof over your head. This is why we give our all to make sure that the company’s apartments and houses become a true home, where you can find a place to live and make your personal dream of your own home a reality.

Modern apartments for modern people
Our goal is to create affordable housing in which young people, families with children, couples, singles and seniors alike can feel at home.
So for several years we have been growing our portfolio of apartments from the 60s, 70s and 80s so that we can make you feel at home as well moving ahead.

Innovative residential concepts for all generations
We advocate living environments where families with children can grow up together unhindered. That’s why it’s especially important to us to create affordable housing.
This goes for our senior tenants as well. We offer them professional assistance in cooperation with Hilfezentrale für Senioren und Behinderte. This way, senior citizens can continue to live independently in our apartments.

Company history

75 years of Baugesellschaft Hanau. There is history inside.

Baugesellschaft Hanau

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More living comfort

Activities in our residential portfolio are currently primarily focused on refurbishment, modernisation, conversion, extension and maintenance. For example, outer façades and balconies have been refurbished, and roofs have been renovated. Inside our buildings, living comfort has been increased significantly with new central heating and modern bathrooms.

Old becomes new
When refurbishment is no longer possible or cost-effective, we invest in contemporary new buildings. More and more apartments for disabled living and for families with children have been built in recent years.

In this context, as part of a new construction project, we are involved in the “Kinderfreundliches Hessen” campaign and worked with architecture students on innovative living concepts for child- and family-friendly apartments.

We’re building for you
In addition to our core business of managing and renting affordable housing for all age groups and demographics, for several years we have also increasingly been involved in the construction of condominiums, terraced houses and commercial properties.
In the area to the south of the city centre, which is dominated by post-War buildings, we have been able to make our first mark with the new buildings in Gärtnerstrasse.
We would be happy to talk to you about your options for making your dream of your own home or apartment a reality with us.
In the past, Baugesellschaft Hanau GmbH’s work was mainly about offering tenants attractive, modern and yet affordable apartments. Today, we are also working to create an appealing residential environment in Hanau worth living in for our current and future tenants and customers.

We are continuing Hanau’s development
Urban development concerns everybody. That’s why we have supported the “moderated urban development process” with the people of Hanau since 2002, and why we always strive to continue the positive development of our town’s visual appearance with our construction projects.
A good example of this is the new François Gardens housing district with its distinctive water axis between the rows of houses.
Our affiliated company, Hanauer Parkhaus GmbH, ensures sufficient affordable parking.

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